Feature Design Comment Strategy Comment Contributor
Shooter (2pt) Colson wheels make for a nice shooter wheel with this ball. Easy to use with no machining required (unlike many of the popular Fairlane wheels) I love Star Wars, but the sound effects were even a bit much for me to handle. This could be a long season. I've got a bad feeling about this... Karthik
Shooter (2pt) This shooter mimics what alot of hooded shooters of the past look like, but its coming up short on effectiveness. Hood shape, hood material, ball compression, wheel traction, wheel speed, and entry path into the shooter all have very strong effects on the accuracy of a shooter. This design doesn't get them all correct, and doesn't have much room to make adjustments. Balls coming out crooked needs iteration. This design takes getting a lot of details right, and is not giving much pay off Mason
Intake Dual roller, over the bumper, should be a popular setup this year. Would be interested to see how this intake performs on carpet. I'm worried that the ball may push the intake up or cause it to flex Karthik
Intake Limited width for being over the bumper. Custom roller solution doesn't give opportunity for adjustment. No centering action. Motor is exposed to collisions with field or other robot. Wooden intake could be destroyed easily during a match. This design is not going to be effective on the field. Mason
Human Player Load It's important to simulate intake conditions like this, as opposed to just grabbing balls in the open field. Simulating realistic match situations is key to developing a proper strategy and design Karthik
Human Player Load Geometry is well laid out for robot to be misaligned to HP port and still suck up balls. This hasn't been shown much, but every intake should include this ability to recieve from a human player. Mason
Hang The multi joint hanger can be complex to build, but if you want to go low and hang, it's definitely an option. However it's a lot of forces going through those joints and there are a lot of things that can go wrong, compared to a telescoping arm/elevator Karthik
Hang Pretty complicated unfolding mechanism and bar grasper. Kudos for trying something out of the box, but there are many details to get just perfect on a design like this. Alignment is very difficult with this roller hook style. Position and angle of hte robot must be very tight. Mason
Balance This is a sweet design for a complicated problem. It's more compact than some of the concepts I've seen out there and that's very important Karthik
Balance Really cool mechanism for moving along the bar and locking in place. I'm supper excited to see this come to life. This is certianly an X-factor ability for teams. I don't feel its needed to make balances this year though. I'd urge teams to focus on a simpler hanging solution that allows for taking a small footprint near center on the bar, and allows for greater ease of alignment Mason