Feature Design Comment Strategy Comment Contributor
Intake Looks solid. Would have liked to have seen how it picks up balls that aren't already centered on the intake Karthik
Intake Very well thoughtout and performant intake. Geometry, wheel type, and wheel speed all place very nicely together to be effective. This layout require CAD planning and machining to have good alignment between pulleys, and keep intake coming down straight. Limited flexiblity in the design for adjustment This sets the bar for how a great intake should perform. Well done, but this is an advanced design that a team should only follow if they have enough resources to get many of the details planned ahead and executed just right. Mason
Human Player Load See above Karthik
Human Player Load Very nice use of the human player loading. The ability to be misaligned to the wall makes it extra useful. This feature will be very helpful in matches with defense. Mason
Feeder Feeder works really well despite only being powered on one side of the ball. Would be curious to see how it performs with more balls in the system Karthik
Feeder This layour requires planning to make belt spacing correct and limits opportunity for adjustments. Balls must rotate to advance and rub on polycarbonate wall, both possible jamming creators. Watch for jamming with only a single conveyor belt on the ball. Mason
Shooting This is impressive! Really liked the stacking of the larger diameter wheels around the smaller diameter wheels. Would not have considered that, but it worked really well! Karthik
Shooting Lots to strive to miic in this shooter. The fixed hood design allows it to focus on being rigid. Lots of nice details to keep shafts aligned. Lots of power behind these shooter wheels, so well supported structure is clutch. Shots have really nice accuracy from the video, likely attritubed to lots of power in the shooter motors, colson wheelss are safe at high wheel speeds, very rigid hood design for repeatibility. Mason
Control Panel Utilizing the edge of the control panel may be more popular than I realized. I like this approach! Karthik
Control Panel Design has more features than needed but it gets the task done well. The placement of the actuator makes the drivers tasks to align very simple Mason
Hang The robot swayed a lot less than I expected it to on the bar. In the words of Thanos: "Perfectly balanced, as all things should be". (The robot, not the bar) Karthik
Hang Grippy hook keeps the robot from sliding. Deploying the hook off the elevator simplifies the structural challenge of supporting the weight of the robot. The winch is simple and easy to iterate on to trade off torque for speed by changing the pulley diamter. This hanger is solution has a repeatable and contrably deploy and a simple winching system.This is a good balance on challenge to build with a solution that will get repeatable results on the field. Its kryponite could be the hook falling off the elevator prematurely when trying to make initial contact Mason