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Drivetrain Their drive setup of 8WD with 6" traction wheels is well thought out for the 1" boundaries. These are non trivial, just like the plaforms in 2018 and 2019, despite seeming small. Just in general, the FIRST Capital group did such an amazing job of not only building an impressive robot, but creating all these videos that are incredibly useful resources for teams Karthik
Drivetrain 8 wheel drive is greate for shooting and intake games. It gives your robot more stability(less rock) and a predictable turn center. Mason
Intake Mecanum wheels to center the ball can be very effective, but as this video shows it's not as simple as it may seem to be. You always need to eliminate interference points, similar to the ones you see here with the intake supports This intake can probably be made wide to further optimize pickup ability/range Karthik
Intake This intake minimizes its extension beyond the bumper, which will help keep it from taking damage. The small wheels require much more precision in intake geometry, greater attention to motor speed/torque, and limit options for traction, durometer, and compessability. The spacing and structure layout also creates jam opportunity. On the right track using a mix of mechanum, vectored intake wheels, and omni wheels to get centering. Having it jam and require driver intervention should be avoided, because it never goes smootly on the field. Mason
Feeder The use of belts on both sides of the feeder is critical with how grippy the Power Cells are. FIRST Capital's design smartly made your that transition points were handled to avoid dead spots. With a ball like this transition points can make or break your robot, because the balls will try and squeak through even the smallest gaps. Jam city. Karthik
Feeder A conveyor on both top and bottom of the balls is a move that will really help with jamming. The single belt in the center doesn't help with keeping the balls centered on their way into the shooter.This design doesn't give alot of adjustment ability for tension of the belts. If your team can prototype to find a geometry that works well, and then implement a final design, this has a lot of merit. But if your final robot will be what you do your iteration and adjustment on, find a solution that has more flexibility than the fixed length belts. Mason
Shooter (2pt) The fire rate is very impressive. That will be critical at higher levels of play. That being said, it's better to shoot slowly and accurately, than rapidly and inaccurately. The longest part of cycles this year is going to be ball collection. So if you can't maintain accuracy at this fire rate, that's okay, slow things down! The NASA jacket on the person with the microphone is super sweet Karthik
Shooter (2pt) A single large drum is great for inertia which allows a fast fire rate, but it doesn't control the exit direction of the balls completely. This strikes me as a pretty complex solution for shooting without the benefits of accuracy. Mason
Control Panel Simple deployment with a single cylinder; the whole thing packages very nicely. The NEO 550 is very compact Karthik
Control Panel Great demonstration of simplicity to accomplish this tasks. Well thoughtout robot structure to have a rigid mount point. This is perfect example for teams to follow. Mason
Balance Very cool concept and definitely effective, but it is large. It will present a large packaging challenge and raise your CoG. That being said, this is a difficult problem to solve, so there will obviously be tradeoffs to be made. Karthik
Balance A mechanism this wide but shallow will be difficult to get lined up on the bar. Lots detials remain before this would be effective. Fun idea, but not really needed. This will cause more problems on field than successes. It will limit a teams ability to hand consistently Mason
Angled Climb Very robust seeming elevator. The grip tape on the hook eliminates any sliding on the bar. The lack of sway is very impressive and will make balancing with a partner a lot easier. Karthik
Angled Climb Skinny hook and flex in the polycarbonate allows the elevator to stay vertical keeping the loads in a favorable direction for the structure.  A well constructed elevator is not a challenge for a novice team. While elevators are an advanced design skill, this well executed elevator will score points every match. Hangers should be easy for drivers to align, hang quickly, and not slide on the bar. This design hits all the marks and will be top tier. Mason
Cycling This is the best Ri3D robot I've ever seen. What's more impressive was that they were able to achieve this level of quality, while not sacrificing educational value. Lots of videos, lots of explanations, lots of updates on CD Karthik
Cycling The intake and shooter facing opposite directions really shines in how little turning the robot needs to cycle. The intake pushes balls away more than it pulls them in. This one attribute will dramatically lengthen cycle times, limiting the balls scored. Mason