Feature Contributor Design Comment
Cargo Floor Intake Karthik Remember to always test your intakes on carpet if possible!
Cargo Floor Intake Mason This intake would benefit from rotating 90 degrees such that the axis of motion is horizontal. The team should also consider using chain or polycord tubing as the belt solution will be prone to issues unless it is precision machined and well supported.
HAB Level 2 Karthik This is a unique way of climbing. Lots of potential here
HAB Level 2 Mason This solution requires much more torque and control to be effective. The idea is worthy of prototyping but teams should recognize the shortcomings without much more iteration.
Hatch Rocket Stage 2 Karthik Elevator clearly needs some work, but sufficient for testing. Having something to help release/eject the disc would help, instead of trying to drive away and hoping the velcro sticks.
Hatch Rocket Stage 2 Mason This design relies on a very tailored amount of velcro. It can lead to a very problamtic competition season with lots of adjustmnet to make it work just right.