Feature Contributor Design Comment Strategy Comment
Cargo Floor Intake Karthik A very simple solution for any team who build a cube grabber last year of similar style The geometry isn't ideal, but this is the trade off you make for a very simple build. This can be a good tradeoff for a lot of teams
Cargo Floor Intake Mason The orientation of the roller claw should be changed such that the axis of rotation is horizontal. This embodiment will push balls away more often and requires much tighter driver control. Using belts is also much less tolerant to misalignment and requires very rigid mounting. Other options are recommended.
Cargo onto Rocket Stage 1 Karthik Very nice and simple The geometry that wasn't ideal for the intake leads to great scoring geometry. It's all about tradeoffs!
Cargo onto Rocket Stage 1 Mason This design requires precise control of the arm angle to effectively score a ball. Using a ball intake in reverse is a recommended way of ejecting a cargo out of a robot.
Cargo onto Rocket Stage 2 Karthik Very nice and simple. Like that they can sort of "shoot" at the goal. That little kick can be very useful, especially under D The geometry that wasn't ideal for the intake leads to great scoring geometry. It's all about tradeoffs!
Cargo onto Rocket Stage 2 Mason
HAB Level 2 Karthik This is definitely a simple COTS way to solve the problem. However as seen in the video, it's not the smoothest I was very sad with the bird lost its eye :(
HAB Level 2 Mason This will not work with bumpers.
Hatch Human Player Load Karthik Picking up the panels through the center with the "beak" is a great idea. Allows for a solid hold with a very simple mechanism. Also allows for some self alignment
Hatch Human Player Load Mason This is a great idea using commonly found materials and a simple linkage. The cone shape naturally aligns the  hatch into the robot gripper. Without relying on velcro, there is no worry any variation of attachment strength as the season trudges along.
Hatch onto Rocket Stage 1 Karthik Simple and effective Some sort of feedback to the driver of when it's safe to back away would help speed up panel cycles
Hatch onto Rocket Stage 1 Mason The driver makes confirmation that the hatch is scored before releasing which inceases the chances of a successful score. The construction method is worth noting for how common the materials are and can be designed without CAD tools
Overall Karthik Simple solutions that accomplish a huge amount of the game.
Overall Mason Overall this robot uses very robust contruction and many off the shelf components which is worth using as a guide. The added arm isn't totally needed to have a competitive robot and in this case does not addd much capability for the extra mechanism.