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Intake I like simple single roller approach, especially for this style of robot, but I'd like to see it geared faster. When you go simple, you're banking on doing fewer things at 10/10 instead of lots of things at 6/10. But for this to pan out, you need to get closer to 10/10. When it comes to intakes, that means making them fast. This is very doable while still maintaining simplicity Karthik
Intake The speed of the rollers is quite slow which will push balls away if driving while contacting a ball. Wheel choice, motor speed, and geometry are not particularly effective here Mason
Dump (1pt) I'm sure this group only had access to one ball, but I'd want to see how/if this system jams if there are 5 balls in it.Belts in the bottom as well as the top could help Really love the overall concept of this robot, but I would like to see things be faster. Both the intake and the dump can be geared faster without much change in complexity Karthik
Dump (1pt) Without an area near the exit for balls to dwell, this deisgn will struggle with multiple balls. I worry about jamming as well. 1pt goals have great value with helping an alliance chase a ranking point. To be useful, speed and holdling 5 balls is important. This design will have shortcomings in accomplishing ball scoring effectively Mason
Climb I like this winch climb better than many of the other ones we've seen since it uses two hooks and two cables/straps. Will eliminate a lot of the sway we've seen with the single arm/strap designs Karthik
Climb Deployment is well thoughout and looks reliable. The wide hook spacing will make alignment more difficult. The unfolding arm will take a lot of load at the pivots if the robot only catches one hook. This path to hanging has some merit with adjustment to a single centered hook that could reduce the moment loading on the arm pivots and easy driver alignment. Mason