Feature Design Comment Strategy Comment Contributor
Intake Simple! This style of intake is very achieveable can be easily integrated into the kitbot. I wouldn't rely on it to center the ball, but not all intakes need to be centering. Karthik
Intake Intake is effective at getting the balls over the bumper and the centering happens inside the robot. This keeps the intake geometry much simpler. High wheel speed and correct layout gets the balls off the ground very quickly, which is a key to fast intakes. Construction of the rollers with waffle treads and pvc is very approachable for any team. This is a great combination of simplicity and effectiveness I'm a big fan of the simplicity and effetiveness here. It plays the game well without any bells or whistles. The balls are unsecured after intake which has potential for dropping a few. Mason
Control Panel Sometimes when you prototype you have to take some liberties to simulate real conditions. Using a garbage can to similar the spinner was a unique approach Karthik
Control Panel Good strong connection to the robot, but a firm wheel will force the driver to line up more precise and control pressure on the control panel. Try using a wheel with more compliance Mason
Shooter The flat angled lexan hood is a very simple approach to create a desired trajectory. However, not using a rigid memeber may create some shot consistency issues Karthik
Shooter Balls are pushed into the shooter with a repeatable mechanism, which well likely help with accuracy and control. The flexible hood is a concern for repeatability. The lack of a rigid hood is concerning for accuracy. All other elements of the shooter reflect good best practices: contorlling the introduction of the ball to the shooter and have the shooter wheel rigidly atttached. Mason