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Intake I like lexan intakes just because they can absord some energy and flex while being defended. But this version may be a bit too floppy. Then again people said that about 1678 in 2014 and that worked great. Make this intake wider! If you're going to go over the bumper, take advantage of the full width Karthik
Intake Love how simple and effective this it. Unpowered deploy. Surgical tubing belts will slip before a motor is stalled. Polycarbonate is a very durable material and will flex quite a bit under impacts. Using larger wheels keeps the options open for different wheel types. This demonstrates how simple and basic an intake can be and still work fine. This is a fanstatic starting point for teams to follow. Mason
Shooter (2pt) Double wheel horizontal shooters don't require motors to spin as fast as a single wheel horizontal shooter. The style of shooter was very popular in 2006 with a ball similar to this year's version. The weakness is they don't impart much spin on the ball which can lead to some inconsistency. Karthik
Shooter (2pt) Using versa tube and brackets to create alignment for the wheel is very achievable to recreate. The larger wheels will create fast surface speed with less reduction. Shafts are well constrained and motors are protected, which should make for good consistency. The side wheel shooters won't put any spin on the ball which may affect consistency, but at the short range shown here, it doesn't appear to be much of a factor. Mason
Shooter (3pt) See above Karthik
Shooter (3pt) Mason
Auto An Ri3D with an auto mode! I love it. The shoot three ball automode is something every alliance is going to be looking for. It's hard to envision robots that can do this being passed on in alliance selection until we get to DCMPs/CMPs Karthik
Auto Great shots from the starting spot and the intake is ready to pick up balls behind the robot. Robots that can do this in auto everytime will be finding a lot fo success in their matches. Great place to put the bar for teams to achieve Mason
Hang These winch climbs make me nervous when it comes to balancing with a partner. Still an effective and simple way to get your hang points Some sort of aid to help the drivers line up would really enhance this climber Karthik
Hang Spring loaded deploy doesn't have to be fancy to work. Hook is grippy. Single hook makes the robot misalignment more tolerant. The high loads of hanging are all transferred through the winch strap, allowing the pvc deploy mechanism to be simpler and lightweight. Very effective and quick way to generate points on the field. Doesn't slide on the bar, allows for misalignment, and allows two robots to crowd together and still work. This is a great design for a team to follow. Mason
Feeder I highly recommend running belts/wheels on both sides of the ball on any sort of elevator/feeder this year. It becomes especially important once there's multiple balls in the system that could be touching each other. Karthik
Feeder Two pvc pipes center the ball and a very simple surgical tube solution to move balls. It really shows how simple a solution can be. Very simple, but watch out for jams. Reduce the friction on the static surface as much as possible or add a second conveyor on bottom to try to get the balls to not rotate as they go up. Rotating balls want to jam Mason
Angled Climb See above for Hang comments Karthik
Angled Climb Single hook with a winch really shines here, allowing the robot to float, and none of the moments getting reacted through robot structure. Mason