Feature Contributor Design Comment Strategy Comment
Cargo Human Player Load Karthik Nice intake, but I would have liked to have seen a more accurate depiction of what the loading process is like The closer you can get to the loader, the better
Cargo Human Player Load Mason Using motor driven wheels to intake a ball from the loading station is a great idea. This implementation locks the intake at the correct position so it is repeatable everytime.
Cargo into Cargo Ship Karthik The geometry looks great for quick and efficient cycles
Cargo into Cargo Ship Mason Using motor driven wheels is a good way to eject balls from a robot and score.
HAB Level 3 Karthik So cool!
HAB Level 3 Mason Inventive way of climbing. Tolerant to misalignment,
Hatch Human Player Load Karthik Simple, effective, and optimized
Hatch Human Player Load Mason Some tolerance for misalignment, but using the robot bumpers to square up first is a good idea. This protects the mechanism and allows for a more likely panel grab.
Hatch Outtake Karthik Simple, effective, and optimized
Hatch Outtake Mason Good example of a simple solution. Lineup is made easy for the drive by squaring up the bumpers first and protects the mechanism. After the intial investment of a pnuematic system, this is a simple solution.
Overall Karthik Great robot. It's scary how much this team does each year in just 3 days
Overall Mason Overall this team sets the bar very high. The contruction is rigid and well thoughtout. Some great examples of a possible robot solutions here, though a team would be very ambitious to imitate all features on this robot